Blake Shelton Teases Fans With Announcement About Announcement

The country singer tweeted that he's got big news coming for fans, and they'll never be able to guess what it is.

Blake Shelton’s got big news coming our way -- and in typical Blake fashion, he’s not telling us what it is.

The “Sangria” singer announced his announcement on Twitter, seemingly addressing the hoopla surrounding his relationship with fellow The Voice judge Gwen Stefani as he teased his fans.

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“Just when things were about to quiet down around here... I've got something BIG to announce tomorrow,” he tweeted on Sunday.

Blake’s excited fans quickly began asking him questions on social media, and he gamely responded to a few of them. Most touched upon all of the thoughts that popped up into our heads when we read the country crooner's initial tweet as well.

First off, does this mean new music?

“That’s not it,” he replied to one international fan.

OK, then are you pregnant, Blake?

“Ha!!!!! No I just look like it,” he gamely replied to the first question we wanted to ask.

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So, are you getting married again?

“No weddings on the horizon!!!” he responded to a fan who asked if he was planning on getting down on one knee to his other Voice “family” member, Adam Levine.

We wish!

While the 39-year-old singer did concede that the big news was of both a personal and professional nature, he wouldn’t divulge any more information than that.

“No chance yall are gonna guess this one. It's just WAY too insane...” he tweeted.

Just under an hour after his original post, the guessing game stopped, with Blake simply telling us that we’d have to watch the TODAY show with Kathie Lee & Hoda on Monday.

Thanks for the tease, Blake!

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Seeing as his coupling with Gwen recently became official, we doubt he can blame us for trying to figure out if the news had to do with the No Doubt frontwoman, whether it be their relationship or the song they’ve reportedly been working on.

Get the full timeline of Blake and Gwen’s relationship in the video below.