'The Walking Dead' Adds Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Iconic Villain, Negan! -- But What Does This Mean For Glenn?

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The Walking Dead's biggest bad has finally been cast!

The Walking Dead
's biggest bad has finally been cast!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
has been tapped to play infamous comic book villain Negan, ET confirms with AMC.

According to TVLine, which first reported the news, the current Good Wife actor is expected to make his post apocalyptic debut towards the end of this current season. Given how important this role is in the TWD comic books, it's likely that Morgan will also play a heavy role in the drama's seventh season.

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Rumors of Negan's introduction and nods to his character have been swirling around the drama for years. Now that it's finally happening, we can't help but wonder what this means for Glenn's murky fate.

Granted, the TV series has not always followed the same story as Robert Kirkman's beloved comic books, but one of the main reasons why Negan is such a horrifying villain is because he -- SPOILER ALERT! -- brutally murdered Glenn by bashing his skull with barbed wire-covered bat.

It was painful, and heartbreaking, and totally unexpected -- which is exactly why we've always thought that the TWD showrunners would want to include this iconic scene in the series.

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But now that the show wants us to believe that Glenn is dead, -- Steven Yeun's name has been noticeably absent from the past two episode's opening credits -- this definitely throws a wrench in Negan's expected arc.

We've already told you six reasons why we believe Glenn is alive and will fight through that swarm of flesh craving zombies, but now we have a new question: Will Glenn be able to survive Negan, too?

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