Khloe Kardashian Says Her Family Loves All Those Butt Implant Rumors

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Khloe Kardashian has finally met a tabloid rumor she likes.

The 31-year-old reality star graces the cover of Redbook magazine's December/January issue, and talks about her incredible 35-pound weight loss. Khloe says she knew she was doing something right when tabloids started reporting that she was getting plastic surgery.

"Once you start getting in the tabloids claiming you have fake body parts, then it's like, 'Okay, I made it. Now I'm really working out," Khloe says. "Kourtney said yesterday, 'I got so happy because someone said I had butt implants.' And I was like, 'Doesn't it make you feel good?' She's like, 'I really feel good. I've got to keep it up!'"

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Although when Khloe initially started working out, it actually wasn't about losing weight.

"I was going through a really hard time and needed an emotional release," she shares.

Khloe has previously admitted that her split from 36-year-old Lamar Odom was a catalyst for her weight loss.

"When me and Lamar were having issues, I decided to channel my energy into working out...if I went out with my girlfriends I would be hounded by paparazzi and made to feel more humiliated," she told Cosmo Body in April. "The gym was my only refuge. I could put music on and dance around with my girlfriends and be silly."

"I'm not against plastic surgery -- if you want to do a tweak, I'm all for it, but you have to love yourself first because no surgery is going to change your heart," she added about losing weight the old fashioned way through diet and exercise. "It would have been such an easy solution to get liposuction or whatever, but you have to be healthy to maintain that. I've always felt like 'Wouldn't it be great to accomplish that on your own?'"

Khloe briefly talks about Lamar in her interview with Redbook, which took place two weeks before he was found unresponsive at the Love Ranch brothel in Crystal, Nevada.

"My biggest wish is for him to be happy," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star says. "I still have a great deal of love for him."

Still, she does have a new love in her life, 26-year-old NBA pro James Harden. Khloe admits that her level of fame can sometimes be unfair to him.

"Our family brings a different amount of -- not fame -- attention," she explains. "Instead of just being known for his talent, he's now known for being someone's boyfriend. We're used to it, but for a person new to this, I'm like: 'Oh, God. I'm sorry.'"


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Obviously, it hasn't bothered James that much. The two were spotted together on Sunday night at Lure nightclub in Hollywood, California -- their first sighting since Lamar's medical emergency last month -- sending the message that they're still very much together.

Watch the video below for more on their outing.

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