'The Flash' Star Malese Jow Talks Dr. Light's 'Sleek' Debut and Linda's 'Terrifying' Showdown With Zoom!

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Star light, star bright -- Linda Park is fighting Zoom tonight!

In this week's all-new episode of The Flash, Linda Park is going to have to impersonate her Earth-Two doppelganger, Dr. Light, in order to help take down the most feared metahuman in the multiverse, Zoom.

To get you ready for all the dark drama and lighthearted fun, (see what we did there?) ETonline called up star Malese Jow to get the inside scoop on her Dr. Light transformation, that "terrifying" showdown with Zoom, and if both Lindas will survive the episode.

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What was your reaction when you found out that you were going to be playing Dr. Light from Earth-Two?
My reaction was utter shock. It took me so long to really process it and digest it and believe what an honor was being handed to me on a silver platter. It was pretty crazy. I knew that they had wanted me back for season two, and I knew I was going to be on for a couple more episodes, but everything was just kind of vague and I was kind of kept in the dark.

When did you finally figure out that you were going to be playing Dr. Light?
I actually went in for a wardrobe fitting and I thought I'd be trying on Linda's cute office clothes, you know, like, pencil skirts. I showed up and they proceed to measure my body from head to toe and I thought, "Hmmm… this is really odd.'" But then finally I got the call from [executive producer]Andrew [Kreisberg], a week or two after and he laid it on me. He was like, "You're going to be playing Doctor Light from Earth-Two, yet you're still Linda," and it was just mind-blowing. It was the biggest honor.

Talk to me about putting on that costume for the first time. What was your favorite part?
Oh my gosh, putting on that costume is a feeling unlike any other. Like I said, they measured my body intricately, so this suit was tailor-made for me -- it fit to a T. You just feel so powerful and confident. The costume-makers on that show and the hair and makeup, they just do such an amazing job bringing this world and these characters to life and it's honestly so amazing.

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Dr. Light's metahuman powers are so unique. What kind of training did you do to get into character?
They're so cool, right? It's kind of something that you have to wrap your mind around because a lot of things, like [her powers,] are added in post-production. The thing that we did focus on, as far as getting Dr. Light right, is we focused on the intricacies of her fighting style. How she uses her arms and her hands because she does generate her powers from the lights in the room -- any sort of light she can generate, which is crazy. We definitely focused on details with her and making her sleek.

What can fans expect from her showdown with Zoom in Tuesday's all-new episode?
Part two is actually my personal favorite because not only do we get to see Linda and Dr. Light, but we get to see Linda trying to be Dr. Light. We definitely get more lighthearted moments as Linda kind of gets thrust into this world that she didn’t even know about. She's right in the middle of Team Flash, and a key player in trying to capture Zoom, so she just has a huge task on her plate. Thankfully, that team knows what they're doing and they try to help her out, so it's action-packed, but we have our lighthearted comedic moments along the way, which is what I love about this show.

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As you said, Linda is being welcomed into Team Flash, so does this mean that she will learn the truth behind Barry's metahuman alter ego?
Oh, that could happen, but honestly it's really not one of her top priorities. I feel like she's just so focused on making things right and just stepping up to the plate and doing whatever she can to help out the team.

What should fans know ahead of Linda's showdown with Zoom?
Zoom is absolutely terrifying! He reads that way on TV, but in person, that costume is super menacing. Like I said, she just kind of gets thrust into this plan to capture Zoom and she does, like we saw in the promo, comes face to face with Zoom, so things get crazy.

Will we see Linda Park -- at least some version of her -- past tonight's episode?
Maybe. It'd be great to be brought back. Like I said, it's been such a huge honor to be a part of this show, so we'll see what happens with both characters.

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