The Shondaland Obstacle Course on 'Billy on the Street' Is the Greatest Thing That's Ever Happened


'Eat your heart out, Ellen Pompeo!'

We wish Shonda Rhimes were around to write us some fancy monologue, because honestly, we have no words.

Billy Eichner -- the man who made Tina Fey try to name 20 Latinos in 60 seconds and wrote Taylor Swift a song called “Glitter and Ribs” -- has one-upped even himself with this: The Shondaland obstacle course.

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Where do we even begin? First, Amy Sedaris’ utter joy at doing something this ridiculous is the reason we love her as much as we do. Just watch her during the Grey’s Anatomy portion of the course, when “there’s a woman dying over there, but quick! F**k that nurse!”

Or how game she is to get on her knees and climb through a group of gays having gratuitous gay sex. (Because, “On How to Get Away With Murder, there’s a lot of gratuitous, racy, enjoyable gay sex.”)

And Billy truly did save the best for last. “It’s the Kerry Washington water slide of tears!” he shout-explains. “Kerry Washington cries so much on that show, so this is a water slide where the water is provided exclusively by Kerry Washington’s tears.”

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