Jason Aldean Wore Blackface Makeup on Halloween and Dressed Up as Lil Wayne

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It seems that every Halloween at least one celebrity courts controversy by wearing a potentially offensive costume. This year, that celeb was country singer Jason Aldean, who apparently hadn't heard that wearing "blackface" makeup is, to put it gently, frowned upon.

The 38-year-old "Burnin' It Down" singer celebrated Halloween dressed as rapper Lil Wayne, and a photo of the singer's costume recently surfaced on the Internet.


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First posted by NashvilleGab.com, the photo shows Aldean -- surrounded by friends who were also dressed up for the occasion -- sporting the dark makeup and dreadlocks.

Aldean's publicist confirmed to ET that Aldean dressed up for Halloween as Lil Wayne.

Aldean is currently one of the biggest stars in country music, and was named the top digital-selling male country artist by the RIAA in 2014.

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Aldean isn't the first celebrity whose taken heat for wearing blackface makeup on Halloween. In 2013, Dancing With the Stars judge Julianne Hough was criticized when she darkened her skin with makeup to dress up as Uzo Aduba's Orange Is the New Black character Crazy Eyes.

For a look at some of this year's most elaborate (and non-controversial) Halloween costumes, check out the video below.

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