'Beverly Hills, 90210' Star Jason Priestley Thrown Off a Horse, Suffers a Concussion

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Scary situation.

Jason Priestley was thrown off a horse while filming his new TV series, The Code, the actor confirms.

The Beverly Hills, 90210
star revealed the incident on Twitter, writing, "Hey guys, thanks for all the kind words... It's true, I did get thrown off a horse on set... I got my bell rung pretty good... Because I have a history of concussions, they took me to see a neurologist for an assessment. He advised I take a few days off as I had suffered a concussion... But I am definitely on the mend and looking forward to getting back to work with all the wonderful people on The Code."

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The 46-year-old actor also took the time to thank several fans who wished him well in his recovery.

The worry over Priestley is no surprise given his longtime fan base dating back to his 90210 days. Priestley talked to ET in April, where he recalled directing one of the series' most iconic scenes, when Tori Spelling's character loses her virginity.

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"I remember that day very well," Priestley said. "I wanted to have candles everywhere. I wanted to have like 150 candles and make it really sexy. They said, 'No, you can't have that many candles.' I said, 'How many candles can I have?' They said, 'You can have five.' So if you ever watch the scene again, you'll see I had a little candelabra with five candles on it and I put it in front of the camera in every shot to make it look like we had more candles in the room."

Watch the video below.