Jamie Lee Curtis Perfectly Recreated Her Mom's Infamous 'Psycho' Shower Scene on 'Scream Queens'


You know Jamie Lee Curtis as a scream queen in her own right -- she was Laurie Strode in the Halloween movies, after all -- but did you know that she’s also the daughter of another, equally famous scream queen?

Curtis’s mother is actress Janet Leigh, who played Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic 1960 thriller, Psycho. And on last night’s episode of Scream Queens, Curtis got the chance to remake her mom’s infamous shower scene.

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Here’s the original, for comparison’s sake:

Obviously, Scream Queens added their own twist on the scene, so we don’t know if Curtis can top her mom’s ear-piercing scream. Still, the meta of it all -- “I’ve seen that movie 50 times,” Dean Munsch says -- and seeing Curtis kick some ass was even better.

Otherwise, it’s basically a shot-for-shot recreation:

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Curtis spilled the beans on the tribute back in September, explaining, “Ryan Murphy and co. wrote it into a special episode and it felt right! Honoring the Royal legend that is/was/will always be, Janet Leigh. Thought all fans of the genre would love it!”

She’s right, too. We did love it.

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