Pregnant Kim Kardashian Reveals How Much Her Baby Boy Weighs at 8-Month Mark

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Kim Kardashian's little 'pineapple' is getting big!

Kim Kardashian's little "pineapple" is getting big!

The reality star released an 8-month pregnancy update to her mobile app on Wednesday, revealing just how big her baby boy has gotten.

"It will be a big baby," she said. "North was just four pounds, so this is new to me. This baby is already seven pounds."

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Wow! The 35-year-old jokingly compared the size of the baby to be like, "A REALLY heavy pineapple."

Kim also confirmed what she shared on Tuesday, that with six weeks left to go, she's already gained 52 pounds.

In a tweet yesterday, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star added, "I've got my work cut out for me."

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Kim admitted in her post that all of the weight issues have been stressing her out during the last leg of her pregnancy. The reality star said she's feeling "anxiety, knowing my baby is so big and I'm gaining a lot of weight. My doctor wants me to manage it better, but it's hard to! I have gained more than I did the first pregnancy," adding that the ice cream cravings are real, and that she currently really dislikes "working out. It's just too hard at this point."

It's another candid post from Kim, who last month revealed, "I feel like a f**king whale."

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Additionally, Kim admits that fashion has pretty much gone out the window at this point.

"A friend of mine emailed me and said, 'Have you given up?' and I said, 'Why, what do you mean?' and he said, 'You're wearing flip flops. I saw a photo of you in flip flops,' and I said, 'Yes, I've given up at this point.'"