Nanny Who Allegedly Had an Affair With Gavin Rossdale Dresses a Lot Like Gwen Stefani

Did Mindy Mann, the couple's former nanny, copy Gwen's iconic style?

Are we seeing double?

Three months after Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale called it quits on their 13-year marriage, a new report in Us Weekly claims that Rossdale had been romantically involved with the family's nanny, Mindy Mann, for three years.

It's hard to miss how Mann's got a knack for channeling Stefani's style, down to the No Doubt singer's tinted hair and ska-inspired outfits.

Here's Stefani rocking a green jumpsuit when she went to an acupuncture session in June 2014, and Mann wearing what appears to be the exact same green jumpsuit when she joined the rocker and her kids for lunch in Los Angeles.


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But it's not just outfits Mann seems to be interested in channeling.

Here's Stefani in September 2013, and Mann sporting the same ‘do earlier this year.


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Mann even copied Stefani's iconic bandana look.

Here's a photo of the Voice coach when she made the bandana fashionable on the red carpet at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards, alongside an Instagram Mann posted of herself in November 2013.

Instagram/Getty Images

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These are just a few of the styles and outfits the couple's former nanny and Rossdale's alleged lover may have cribbed from Stefani's style book.

In the wake of their divorce, Stefani has moved on to a new man – her Voice colleague, country singer Blake Shelton, who also split from his wife, Miranda Lambert, earlier this year.

For more on the alleged sex scandal surrounding Rossdale and Mann, check out the video below.