EXCLUSIVE: Ben Affleck's Former Nanny Christine Ouzounian Getting Cozy With Her Ex-Fiance Again, Source Says

The Nannygate reboot is upon us, but we're wondering what happened to the original.

After a report surfaced Wednesday that Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani's marriage fell apart when the No Doubt singer discovered her husband had allegedly been cheating on her with their children's nanny, Mindy Mann’s name was suddenly everywhere. Instantly, another headline-making nanny from not so long ago came to mind: Christine Ouzounian.

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If you recall, the 20-something-year-old was just your average Joe (OK – an average Joe who nanny-ed to the stars) who skyrocketed to fame earlier this year over reports that she had slept with her married boss, Ben Affleck. (Reports the actor vehemently denied.) And while Ouzounian didn’t exactly shy away from the spotlight, she also never publicly commented on the story. Her 15 minutes of fame were over as quickly as they’d begun. Rumor had it, she was in search of a book deal or a reality show to appear on, but so far, neither has come to fruition. So, whatever happened to her?

Turns out, she appears to be turning back time! ET has learned that Ouzounian is believed to be getting close with her ex-fiance, Christoph Albury, again. Ouzounian was engaged to Albury, a fisherman who lives in the Bahamas, as of May. In April, she had started working for Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner, tending to their three children. But sources told ET that Albury mysteriously and suddenly dumped his longtime ladylove in June, right around the time she visited the exclusive Baker’s Bay resort – also in the Bahamas -- with Affleck, Garner and their kids. A source told ET she was supposed to meet up with Albury while there. That source said, “Something happened in the Bahamas. He said he didn’t want to see her at all.”

Now, we're told Ouzounian is spending time with Albury once again, back in the Bahamas, indefinitely. Another source tells ET they’ve been packing on the PDA. They’re hitting up local bars together, where the two haven't been afraid to cuddle up. In other words, Ouzounian and Albury (pictured below in May 2015) aren’t hiding their reunion. “It’s really strange,” the source says. “It’s like they’ve just gone back to normal and the Ben stuff didn’t even happen.”

As for Affleck, he’s also gone back to normal, happily spending time with Garner. (The two are not yet divorced.) Oh, and remember how Tom Brady got dragged into things when that photo surfaced of Ouzounian on a private plane with him and Affleck? The pic helped spur rumors of a split between Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen, but now they’re just fine, too.

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One burning question still remains, though: whatever happened to that Lexus?!

ET has reached out to Ouzounian and Albury for comment.