David Hasselhoff Changed His Name -- All For an Endorsement Deal

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It's official: David Hasselhoff haschanged his name -- but it's all for a cell phone ad campaign.

The legendary actor took to social media to announce that he had legally changed his last name from Hasselhoff to Hoff to "get rid of some of the 'hassle' in his life." ET has learned, however, that it's part of the Amaysim campaign, which encourages Aussies to have less hassles in their life by switching to their simple, "hassle-free" mobile plans. Get it?

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The 63-year-old shared his commercial for the Australian telecommunications provider on Friday, further explaining his decision to alter his name in the video.

"I got tons of people asking me why I changed my name," the video's description reads. "Well for all those of you wondering… I realized life's better when you get rid of the hassles! ‪#‎lesshasslemorehoff."

"I got tired of living with hassle, so I got rid of it, completely," he says in the video.

"And you can too. With Amaysim," he continues. "No contracts, unlimited calls to your mates. Just pick your data! I had to change my name. All you have to do is change your telco."

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See the full commercial below.

"This is part of a broader campaign we're launching today to remind Aussies that taking at least one hassle out of your life can be as simple as changing your mobile phone plain," Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Balint said in the company's press release for the campaign. "Anyone can relate to wanting to kick a few of life's hassles to the curb, and we were buzzing at the thought of working with a global icon like The Hoff to have some fun while showing people how easy it is to make life a bit simpler."

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Whether or not the Baywatch actor will keep his new last name is yet to be announced.

Hoff is all about the fun and games. Last September, he was spotted taking KITT, the iconic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from Knight Rider, out for a ride with a surprising pal -- Justin Bieber.

The unlikely friends were seen in Venice, California, on the set of Killing Hasselhoff. Watch the video below to hear more.