EXCLUSIVE: Jason Ritter Revisits Dad John Ritter's Show Business Advice

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When Jason Ritter sat down with ET recently, we revisited an early interview with the actor in which he shared some wise words he was once given by his late father, John Ritter.

Jason admitted that it hasn't been easy living in his dad's shadow and trying to walk in his footsteps. In fact, in his early comedy auditions when casting directors would rave about his father's comedic genius before the read, Jason would get shaky. He told ET that after hearing about his dad's legendary comedic abilities, he would be discouraged if the casting directors weren't belly laughing at his performance.

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Today, Jason is an established actor, having starred Parenthood, Drunk History and Gravity Falls, thanks in part to some advice that his father gave him.

"He just basically says just be yourself and try not to be nervous, so that's what I'm trying to do," Jason told ET in 2003 at the premiere for Freddy vs. Jason.

The premiere was just one month before John's tragic passing after an aortic dissection.

John became a household name thanks to his role on Three's Company -- a show that holds special significance for John.

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"I remember the first time when I saw him on TV and in the room at the same time," Jason told ET during a recent sit-down. "I was like, 'Oh! You don't go in there and shrink and be a weirdo, and then come back out.'"

The actor is the same age as ET, 35, and made his ET debut in 1982 when he was just 2 years old.

"Oh my God!" Jason said, watching the early video of himself on the Three's Company set. "That is a cool outfit."

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As we've been with him for most of his first 35 years, we found out where Jason hopes to be in the next 35.

"I hope I'm happy," Jason said. "I hope I have a child by that point -- maybe even a grandchild by that point. I hope I'm sitting here doing, 'Happy 70th birthday, ET.'"