Pauley Perrette Comforted by Her Church Congregation Following Violent Attack

The 'NCIS' star attended Sunday's service after being assaulted by a "psychotic homeless man" days prior.

Pauley Perrette showed up for church Sunday morning, just days after being assaulted by a "psychotic homeless man."

An eyewitness at the Hollywood United Methodist Church told ET that the NCIS star was in "good spirits" as she attended the service with her police friend Nicole, who was with her following the attack, and her pal James, who helped track down the man police arrested.

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The pastor called attention to Perrette's traumatic event during his sermon.

"Even though this man was punching her and threatening her life, Pauley prayed for her safety and for him," the pastor told the congregation. "One, she was able to pull the strings of God's love for each of us ...and was able to ask his name, then connect with him on a human level and say, 'Your name is William?' That's my sweet nephew's name too. When Pauley was telling her story to the media on Friday, first by proclaiming herself as a person of faith. ...Second, she proclaimed her forgiveness for the man who assaulted her. And third, she not only called attention to the critical need for mental health services in our country but especially here in Hollywood."

The pastor also spoke of the man behind bars, 45-year-old David Merck, who was arrested on felony assault charges. "He's now hopefully receiving treatment but he's definitely in jail," he said. "And we just wanted to say we are so glad that you (Perrette) are here and we love you very much."

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Following the sermon, church members applauded the 46-year-old actress, and Perrette gave thanks by putting her hands in the air. The CBS star was greeted by parishioners with hugs and kisses.

"So so so good to be at church today," she tweeted on Sunday.

On Friday, Perrette shared details of her attack with her Twitter followers and later with ET. "He told me he was going to kill me several times and I absolutely believed him," she recalled to Kevin Frazier. "I prayed as hard as I've ever prayed for anything ever in my life, and I didn't do anything. I thought, anything I do would escalate the situation -- I couldn't overcome him, he was stronger than me."

--Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion 

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