Busy Philipps Offers Her Best Advice to Moms: 'Use Google Sparingly'

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Busy Philipps has some advice for moms who turn to Google for advice about their children: “Use it sparingly!”

The 36-year-old actress opened up to ET about how she made the mistake of relying on the Internet to diagnose her daughter.

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"The Internet is a great resource but it's also you're worst enemy!" she explains. "We have gone down the Google rabbit hole before with my husband and I where we're like, 'Oh she certainly has X,Y or Z some horrible thing.’ You've got to use it sparingly!”

Although Philips says she doesn’t have any tips or tricks she’s learned from motherhood, she does think overanalyzing it all will “make [you] crazy.”

The mom recently took to Instagram to share her struggle with “feeling old.”

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“You know what's amazing? Meeting up with your girlfriends from high school at a park with your kids and feeling old but that's ok because we have these beautiful little people now and we're all still friends,” she wrote on a Instagram snap with her daughters surrounded by gal pals.

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