EXCLUSIVE: Zendaya Opens Up About Fame: 'Be the Best You'

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Zendaya may be young, but as an artist she's already experienced the difficulty of upholding her vision, and she knows a thing or two about the struggle of stardom.

The 19-year-old posed for Hunger magazine, rocking a number of striking Vivienne Westwood ensembles, and in this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the bold photoshoot, she opens up about her philosophy as a creative musician.

"The challenge that I think young musicians face is that it is hard to stay with your vision, because everyone has an opinion and everyone has an opinion on how they see your career should go," Zendaya shared. "Sometimes you just got to stick with your gut instinct and stick with your personal vision."

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That's not to say that the "Replay" singer doesn't find inspiration in other creative people.

When asked who inspires her, Zendaya revealed, "Obviously Vivienne Westwood."

"I am inspired by her just because her stuff is so different and I think she is never trying to be different," Zendaya said of the designer behind the outfits she wore during the shoot. "It is just effortless to her."

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"I don’t think it is important to be a role model, because if you are a role model you are pretending to be someone else," she explained. "I don't think any artist should be pretending to be anyone but themselves."

Zendaya added that people should just try to "be the best you that you can be," which will "inspire others to be the best them."

See the full behind-the-scenes film and interview with Zendaya on HungerTV.com.

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