Charlie Sheen's Nurse Ex-Girlfriend Says She Knew About His HIV Before Having Unprotected Sex With Him

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Charlie Sheen's nurse ex-girlfriend is opening up about her choice to engage in unprotected sex with the actor "many months" after learning about Sheen's HIV status.

Amanda Bruce was joined by the former Two and a Half Men star's doctor, Robert Huizenga, on The Dr. Oz Show, where she maintained that she knew the risks before the two were together.

"I mean, if I had met him on one night, and we had decided to engage in this, I'd say, 'That's Russian Roulette,'" she explained to Dr. Oz. 'The reality is, we had known each other for many months before we engaged in [sex], and we were a couple, I was in love with him."

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Huizenga, who told ET that Sheen has had "consistently undetectable" levels of HIV in his blood, said on the program that while he cautioned Bruce against having unprotected sex with the 50-year-old actor, the risk was low.

"We called in other doctors, and they felt the risk of transmission if she took the prophylactics and he had undetectable levels was minuscule. We can't say zero," he said. "My advice to her was, 'Don't do it, but the risk is miniscule.' And she elected to go forward, because she felt so close, and wanted that level of intimacy."

Bruce is not HIV positive, and has been under treatment from Huizenga since she and Sheen first had relations.

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Oz tells ET that when speaking to Sheen, the actor felt a catharsis in opening up about his disease on the Today show.

"I spoke to Charlie this morning and he was very cleansed from conversations he had this morning," the TV doctor revealed. "He was under a lot of stress. He's been in such a dark place, and depressed."

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"He let the truth ring today," Oz continued. "Much more centered in his thoughts."

While Sheen's ex-wives, Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller, and his children with them are all HIV negative, former adult film actress Bree Olson, who dated the actor in 2011, said she was never notified about his HIV status.

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"He never said anything to me," Olson said on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show. "We had sex almost every day for a year."

ET has reached out to Olson to clarify the chain of events.

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Meanwhile, in a 2013 interview with Oz, Sheen maintained that he was "very careful" about using "protection" with his sexual partners.

"Not just for disease, but for not having more children," Sheen said at the time.

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