Bree Olson Wasn't Dating Charlie Sheen When He Was HIV Positive, His Rep Says

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Bree Olson has been very vocal about her anger towards her ex, Charlie Sheen, upon learning via the media that he is HIV positive. But according to the actor's rep, there was no need for Sheen to contact her when he received his diagnosis, because the two were no longer dating.

"The truth is she wasn't in Charlie's life when he was HIV-positive," Sheen's rep told ET. "So there was no reason to tell her anything."

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The timeline of Sheen and Olson's relationship in regards to when the former Two and a Half Men star found out he was HIV positive is still in question. Sheen told Today co-anchor Matt Lauer that after learning of his diagnosis roughly four years ago, he told every sexual partner since then that he was HIV positive. Olson dated and was one of Sheen's live-in girlfriends in 2011, and reportedly left him in April of that year.

ET has reached out to Olson to clarify the timeline of events.

"He says that he found out when he and I were together, I was living in his house," Olson claimed when speaking with Inside Edition. "There is no one he could have trusted more to confide this information in than to me."

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Olson announced on Monday via Twitter that she had been tested for HIV and the results came back negative.

"I could be dead right now," she said. "It was like playing Russian Roulette, that’s the best way to put it. It was like he was putting a gun to my head and pulling the trigger each time."

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While Olson claims she was never told about Sheen's HIV status, another one of the actor's ex-girlfriends, nurse Amanda Bruce, revealed on The Dr. Oz Show that she decided to engage in unprotected sex with Sheen "many months" after learning of his diagnosis.

"I mean, if I had met him on one night, and we had decided to engage in this, I'd say, 'That's Russian Roulette,'" Bruce explained. "The reality is, we had known each other for many months before we engaged in [sex], and we were a couple, I was in love with him."

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