Adele Says She Never Turned Down a Duet With Beyonce: 'Queen Bey 'Til the Day I Die'

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Plus, here's the artists the '25' songstress is listening to now.

Can you even imagine a duet between Adele and Beyoncé?

Sadly, that collaboration won’t happen anytime soon -- but not because Adele nixed it. “There’s a rumor going round that I turned Beyoncé down, which I would never be so disrespectful as to do,” she clarified to Zane Lowe during her Beats 1 interview. “I would never disrespect her like that.”

The singer, whose new album, 25, drops on Friday, admitted that she has had to turn down requests from some of personal heroes, but says of Sasha Fierce, “I’m such a fan...Obviously, like, Queen Bey 'til the day I die."

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Adele has done nothing but gush over Beyoncé in the past. In 2012, she told Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes, “I probably am the biggest Beyoncé fan. I met her backstage, and I was good with that one. I kept my cool. The second time I met her was at the Grammys and she remembered me, that was the thing. She went, ‘Oh! Adele!’ Jay Z was trying to talk to her and she was like, ‘I’m talking.’…So then I went out on the balcony, fell to my knees, and cried.”

Perhaps that duet will still happen, eventually…

As for other artists Adele is listening to these days, she has an eclectic mix, including Drake, Florence + the Machine, and Chvrches. "I love Lana Del Rey. I love her very, very much,” she also revealed. “I've never met her though, but I just think she like stirs my soul.”

“I love Alabama Shakes,” she adds. “I think [lead singer] Brittany [Howard] is, the way I first felt when I first heard Etta James, is how I first felt when I heard [Brittany]."

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In other news, the Grammy winner taped her one-hour special, “Adele Live in New York City,” at Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday night. The performance, which will air on Dec. 14 on NBC, includes tracks off 25, like “Hello” and “When We Were Young,” plus “Hometown Glory” with a special tribute to Paris.

Now, watch Demi Lovato absolutely crush her cover of “Hello”: