EXCLUSIVE: 'Arrow' Star Emily Bett Rickards Teases 'Grandiose Olicity Moments' and Holiday Surprises!

We've got Felicity Smoak fever!

We've got Felicity Smoak fever!

Arrow's leading lady, Emily Bett Rickards stopped by the ETonline studios this week and after having a little social media fun -- more on that later! -- we discussed everything that's coming up for Felicity in future episodes.

In today's first in a series of videos, we're talking all things Olicity. Press play on the video above and read on for exclusive details on Oliver and Felicity's future, on-set silliness, swoon-worthy holiday surprises, and if that engagement ring will make a grand return.

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Rickards admitted that when she and her on-screen love interest, Stephen Amell, are about to shoot any Olicity moments, they love to throw some improv into their scenes. "I can share that we both try and mess each other up [quite a bit] right before we do take, which keeps us on our toes," the actress dished.

"I think because we work so well as a couple on-screen, you've got to have those improv moments to sort of sell that," Rickards explained. "There's not really a boundary between us anymore, as actors, like [with] touching and as far as that goes because our characters don’t have that either, so I think that's what shows the connection."

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When asked if there are any Oliver/Felicity scenes coming up that are going to make fans "freak out," the blonde beauty was quick to answer. "Oh, yes," she said. "There's a lot more Olicity coming up that is actually going to be pretty heart-wrenching."

Wait… what?

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"Whether or not it's a dramatic fight, or devastation, or a big life change, there are a few more concepts that are going to come up in their lives that are huge and provide grandiose Olicity moments," Rickards explained.

In regards to these upcoming bumps, the Arrow starlet revealed that she and Amell have been "really protective" over Oliver and Felicity's relationship this season. "We were really focused on that we didn’t want this relationship to ever seem trite or immature," she said.

"What happens is a lot of the time with TV dramas is that you kind of want to see the conflict," she said. "But that healthy relationship doesn’t always become something that you want to watch. So keeping it sort of fresh and new in this healthy communication is we're hoping will be fun to watch as well as live because we have a really great time working those scenes because we want to make them a reality. Like, a happy reality in this bomb of a world."

Speaking of happy realities, ETonline was on the Arrow set in Vancouver earlier this month while they were filming their highly anticipated holiday episode, and we noticed plenty of Hanukkah decorations for Felicity. To make matters even more merry and bright, Rickards confessed that we'll get to see a special holiday surprise from Oliver to Felicity.

"It includes a limo," Rickards said coyly. How romantic!

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But will this gift also include the return of that gorgeous Queen family engagement ring? "Well, I did have my finger sized for this ring, so I can just tell set that this is a size 7 -- just so we know," the actress teased while gesturing to her own jewelry. "I mean, hopefully, if that's what Felicity wants."

Before you start to hyperventilate with excitement, Rickards warned that Felicity might have some hesitations if Oliver were to pop the question. "It might be kind of scary [for her]," she said.

Not to worry, Olicity fans! We assured Rickards that Felicity and Oliver are the perfect pair and they can take babysteps in their journey down the aisle. "Alright, alright," Rickards agreed. "Because they are working through it and that's what is so lovely."

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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