EXCLUSIVE: One Direction's Harry Styles Reveals Pre-Fame Aspirations - 'I Wanted to Be a Lawyer'

Well, that was a drastic career shift!

Just five years after forming on The X Factor UK, it's hard to imagine a world without One Direction.

But before they became a global phenomenon, the boys of 1D had very different plans for themselves. In an exclusive sit-down with Entertainment Tonight's Samantha Harris in Belfast, Ireland, the singers opened up about their pre-fame aspirations.

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"I wanted to be a physiotherapist and then all my teachers told me, 'No jobs in that,'" Harry Styles confessed. "[So] I decided I wanted to be a lawyer."

But, there's a catch. Styles was only 16 years old when he auditioned for The X Factor.

"This happened before I had to start working hard enough to be a lawyer," Styles, now 21, joked. "Now I can be like, I would have been a lawyer."

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Louis Tomlinson revealed that he wanted to be "a school teacher," molding the minds of teenagers. (To be honest, he's halfway there anyway.)

Niall Horan, however, had a more relaxed outlook on the future.

"I honestly don't have a clue what I would be doing," Horan said. "I don't know how I would have done on my exams, but I hope I would have gone to university. What would have happened there is a different story."

As the band's latest tour was about to draw to a close, the guys also reflected on their pre- and post-show rituals in our interview.

"We warm up and then we just have this huddle that we do before the show, and then put our hands in and we sing," said Horan. "Every time we go to a new leg of the tour, we make up a new song to sing. So at the minute, it's Backstreet Boys." Then, singing: "Backstreet's back, all right!"

Horan says the ritual is "a bit weird," but we couldn't disagree more.

As for the post-show routine -- "We sleep," says Styles.

For more from ET's interview with the boys, including their real feelings about Zayn Malik going solo, watch the video below. Their new album, Made in the A.M., is out now!

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