Kate Middleton's Many Absolutely Perfect Faces From Her Abseiling Trip With Prince William

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The Duchess of Cambridge is nothing if not expressive.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were in North Wales on Friday, where they took the time to go abseiling -- also known as rappelling -- in Snowdonia National Park.

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Kate rocked a pair of skinny black jeans, while William went with outdoorsy slacks, and when it was time to descend, the 33-year-old duchess handled the feat, as she does with most things, looking pretty boss.

What we really can't get over are all of Kate's many distinct, deeply communicative facial expressions during excursion. In just a few pictures the duchess managed to take us through an entire spectrum of emotions as though she were the movie Inside Out come to life.

Here are the many faces of Kate during her abseiling trip:

The Duchess of Apprehension.

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The Duchess of Joy.

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The Duchess of Wonder.

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The Duchess of Polite Conversation.

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The Duchess of PSYCHED.

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The Duchess of 'I Got This.'

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The Duchess of 'OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD.'

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The Duchess of Quiet Determination.

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Dammit.

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As she's proven time and time again, Kate is no mere duchess. She's a bonafide Queen.

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