Here's What Song on Adele's '25' You Should Listen to, Based on Why You're Sad


For not being a break-up album, 25 sure has a lot of break-up songs.

Adele previously said, “My last record was a break-up record and if I had to label this one, I would call it a make-up record.” Now that we've had time to listen to the album, it seems you can take the girl out of the heartbreak, but you can’t take the heartbreak out of the girl. There’s a song on 25 for every sad mood!

What do you expect? Adele also said her songs even make her cry.

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Here’s a guide to what song you should listen to based off your mood:

When You’re Going Through a Break-Up:
“Love in the Dark,” one of the most brutal cuts on the album. Adele is basically singing her way through a break-up: "Take your eyes off me so I can leave / I’m far too ashamed to do it with you watching me / This is never ending, we have been here before / But I can’t stay this time cause I don’t love you anymore.”

“All I Ask,” is equally heartbreaking and ends with one of the most devastating lyrics ever. "If this is my last night with you / Hold me like I’m more than just a friend / Give me a memory I can use / Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do / It matters how this ends / ‘Cause what if I never love again?"

When You’re Thinking About Your Ex:
“Hello,” if you broke up with him and regret it. “I was wondering if after all these years / You'd like to meet, to go over everything / They say that time's supposed to heal ya / But I ain't done much healing.”

“When We Were Young,” if it’s an ex from a long time ago who you recently bumped into, and if you’re honest with yourself, have been pining after all these years. "And a part of me keeps holding on / Just in case it hasn’t gone / I guess I still care / Do you still care?"

When You Miss Home:
“River Lea.” The title refers to the river that runs through Adele's childhood neighborhood of Tottenham, in London, but the lyrics speak of moving on. “When I was a child I grew up by the River Lea / There was something in the water, now that something's in me.”

“Million Years Ago,” a simplistic ballad about feeling out of place, and missing the time when you felt at home. "I miss the air, I miss my friends / I miss my mother; I miss it when / Life was a party to be thrown / But that was a million years ago.”

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It’s not all sad though…

When You’re Actually Over Your Ex:
“Send My Love (To Your New Lover).” So he’s got a new girlfriend? Who cares? Many expected this to be a tortured song about getting left behind, but in actuality, it’s an anthem for anyone who is ready to get on with their own damn life.

“Send my love to your new lover / Treat her better / We've gotta let go of all of our ghosts / We both know we ain't kids no more. I'm giving you up / I've forgiven it all.”

When You’re in Love:
“Remedy,” if the love you feel is platonic. The song could easily be about Adele’s 3-year-old son, Angelo, but can be co-opted for a dear friend or, really, anyone you care deeply about. “When the pain cuts you deep / When the night keeps you from sleeping / Just look and you will see / That I will be your remedy.”

“Sweetest Devotion,” is definitely a mother’s ode to her child -- Adele has said so herself -- but once you get past her son’s voice on the track, the lyrics could be romantic, if you want to get gushy. “I wasn't ready then; I'm ready now / I'm heading straight for you / You will only be eternally / The one that I belong to.”

“Water Under the Bridge,” which may seem like a sad song, but actually is a celebration of the hard work it takes to make a relationship last. "Oh and if I’m not the one for you / Why have we been through what we have been through?"

When You’re in Love…and Lust:
“I Miss You.” “I want every single piece of you / I want your heaven and your oceans too / Treat me soft but touch me cruel / I wanna teach you things you never knew.” Get it, Adele.

Now, watch Demi Lovato absolutely crush her cover of Adele’s “Hello”:

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