Matthew McConaughey Dresses As Adele On 'SNL' and Saves Thanksgiving

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Hello. It's Matthew McConaughey… dressed as Adele?

Yes, even the Southern stud can't fight Adele fever. While hosting Saturday Night Live last nightfor the first time in 12 years, the actor demonstrated the life-changing power of Adele even in the midst of familial Thanksgiving drama.  

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During the hilariously spot-on sketch, the SNL cast mocked a family who dispute over hot topics like Syrian refugees, transgender people and police brutality. They can't agree on anything... except obviously Adele.

Like magic, her hit single, "Hello," naturally rectified the situation, bringing the family together -- including McConaughey as the grandfather -- as they agreed on one simple fact: that Adele is changing the world one sad song at a time.

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As they feasted on the song's delicious hook, the parody replicated Adele's wind-blasted music video. McConaughey even donned a fabulous blonde wig and the singer's now-famous fur coat, mimicking the theatrics of being Adele in an Adele video.

Adele herself appeared during the episode as musical guest, singing two songs from her new album 25. 

As for McConaughey, well, he sure can rock a wig… and a fanny pack. See the video below as the fearless actor asserts that he's "not afraid" of fashion accessories.