7 Times Jennifer Lopez Proved She's a Show-stopping Goddess

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On Sunday Jennifer Lopez takes the stage at the American Music Awards, where she will rule the night.

In honor of the goddess doing double duty as both host and performer at the big show, let’s celebrate her seven most show-stopping moments!

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1. Her Title Role in Selena

In 1997 the star got her big break in the movie Selena. The role earned JLO a golden close nomination as well as a place in our hearts… forever.

2. That Time She Wore a Jaw-Dropping Low Cut Dress

The singer turned heads in 2000 when she wore the famous Versace plunging neckline dress to the Grammys.

“I saw Donatella with it and I had to have it for the Grammys,” she told ET at the time.

3. When she Became an All-Star Mom

A handful of smash albums and hit movies later – in 2008, Jenny from the block gave birth to twins Max and Emme.

“Having the babies was the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me in my life,” she said of being a mom.

4. Her Tribute Performance to Celia Cruz

No one does a tribute like J.Lo!

In 2013, she honored salsa legend Celia Cruz with a blowout performance at the AMAs.

5. Her New Vegas Residency Beginning in 2016

Come January 2016, Vegas will never be the same. J.Lo is bringing her signature sexiness to the city of sin with a residency at Planet Hollywood.

“I feel like I've been preparing for this my whole life,” she explained to ET. “I'm excited about going to Vegas, doing the quintessential show I've always had in my mind, the J.Lo show, the Jennifer Lopez show. It'll be everything you'd expect. My pop, my hits, but it's also gonna have my latin side, funk side, hip hop side, everything that I've been known to do over the years. Beautiful, glamorous, Vegas show.”

6. She’s Proven There’s Nothing She Can’t Do

After a 20-year run she’s still surprising us with every move.

“I just never let anybody put me in a box,” she told ET. “If it felt right to me, and if I felt like I had something to contribute to it, I went for it.”

7. She's Still Just Jenny From The Block

And above all she’s remained true to show who she was from the beginning.

“I’m still Jenny from the Block,” she told ET in an interview.

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