'The Walking Dead' Finally Revealed Glenn's True Fate -- And We're Officially Freaking Out!


WARNING: We're about to reveal a MASSIVE spoiler from this Sunday's all-new episode of
The Walking Dead about Glenn's true fate. If you don't wish to be spoiled, leave here immediately!

Ladies and gentlemen, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yuen) is ALIVE!

On Sunday's all-new episode of The Walking Dead, the smash AMC drama finally revealed what really happened to Glenn after falling into a giant pile of flesh-craving zombies -- and it was exactly like we predicted.

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The opening scene of this week's episode, "Heads Up," revealed the true angle of Glenn and Nicholas' bullet-inducing fall. After taking his own life, Nicholas' body landed on top of Glenn's -- and it was his body that was being torn apart and ravaged by the walkers -- not Glenn's. Essentially, Nicholas' body acted like a fleshy cocoon to protect Glenn.

After a brief second of sheer terror, Glenn used his quick wits and survival instincts to wedge himself underneath the dumpster that he and Nick were originally standing on. He used his knife to fight off the few walkers who tried to reach for him and waited until the bloodthirsty herd moved on.

Once the coast was clear, Glenn emerged from his trash-filled haven dehydrated and with a few scrapes and bruises, but overall unharmed. Luckily, he received a surprise a bottle of water from Enid -- Carl's Alexandria crush -- who just so happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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Not wanting to leave her behind, Glenn forced Enid to stop running and return to Alexandria with him. Once they arrive on the outskirts of town, they discovered that an army of walkers were hungrily waiting alongside all of Alexandria's walls.

To get the attention of their friends and family inside, Glenn and Enid released a bouquet of bright green balloons into the air. "That's Glenn!" Maggie excitedly exclaimed.

And just as we thought we would finally have a happy moment on The Walking Dead, the church tower toppled over and flattened Alexandria's walls, thus allowing the massive herd of walkers to stumble into town.

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