EXCLUSIVE: Pamela Anderson Reveals Ex Tommy Lee is Cured Of Hepatitis C

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Pamela Anderson is relieved to be free of Hepatitis C but she is also excited for her ex-husband’s clean bill of health.

The Baywatch star exclusively revealed to ET that Tommy Lee, the founding member of the heavy metal band, Motley Crue, has also been cured of the disease.

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The 48-year-old star also revealed that it was her ex-husband that recommended the three-month treatment.

“You know Tommy did it first so he got cured first,” Anderson explained to ET. “He had a different kind of treatment because he did it a year earlier than me. And he was always pushing me, you got to do this.”

It’s a good thing she listened to Lee, 53, who she said gave her the disease after sharing a tattoo needle, because the treatment ended her 20-year health battle.

“About 10 years in they said that you could live your whole life with this disease and you may not die from it,” the actress, 48, said. “You could more likely die from something else, but you could get liver cancer. You could get all these horrible other things.”

The fear of dying so quickly affected the way Anderson chose how to live her life and raise her sons.

“I think it played into a lot of my decision making like when it came to trying to recreate families for my kids,” the star admits. “Trying to figure out a way to get them secure and trying to figure it all out. I know it did a number on me maybe acting out a little bit and now that I'm cured I feel like I just got all those 20 years back.”

“Now I'm going to go crazy,” she jokes. “I'm going to do every single thing I can. Every minute counts so.”

Watch Anderson’s full interview with Entertainment Tonight on Monday. Check here for local listings.

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When Anderson first announced she was cured, she celebrated by posting a nude pic on Instagram.

"I am CURED!!!" she captioned the pic. "I just found out #nomorehepc #thankyou #blessing #family #prayer #live I pray anyone living with Hep C can qualify or afford treatment. It will be more available soon. I know treatment is hard to get still...#dontlosehope #itworkedforme #thereisacure #love #happy #americanliverfoundation #celebration #Idontknowwhattodo #iwanttohelp #cannes #iloveboats #onthesea #free."