EXCLUSIVE! 'Pretty Little Liars' Stars Spill on New 'Big Bad' After the Time-Jump: 'It's Life or Death'

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There's a new threat looming the shadows of Rosewood -- and only ETonline has the exclusive scoop straight from the Pretty Little Liars cast!

On Tuesday's brand-new special, Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward, the stars of ABC Family's most addictive drama are giving fans a spoiler-packed sneak peek as to what's coming up next when season six continues.

"Alison brings you guys back because she needs your help with Charlotte," executive producer Marlene King shares with the four leading ladies in the video above, "But an event occurs that forces you guys to stay in Rosewood, and, out of that event, a new big bad is born."

Dun dun duuuuun!

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"We can't tell you what happens when we get back to Rosewood," Troian Bellisario dishes. "However, the girls begin to, again, receive messages. They know it's not from Charlotte, and this time it feels very different."

Bellisario promises that this new mysterious villain raises the stakes to a whole new level of pure terror. "This time it's no longer about, 'I'm going to expose some secret that you have,' or 'I'm going to ruin, like, your chances of getting the orchid scholarship,'" she explains. "It’s paranoia, it's blackmail, it's a life-threatening situation."

ABC Family

Keegan Allen echoes his co-star's warnings adding, "It's not just a manipulation game. There's something that's very, very dark and twisted."

But if you think the Liars are just going to sit back and accept the fact that they have a new tormentor in town, King reveals you're in for a rude awakening.

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"Because it's life or death so quickly, you guys fight back right away," she stresses to the stars. "You're not victims, you're on top of this right away and I think that's a big difference between moving forward and the past."

Catch the all-new special, Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward, when it airs this Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family (soon to be renamed Freeform).

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