Jennifer Lawrence Recalls How She and Amy Schumer Drunkenly Danced on Top of Billy Joel's Piano

Entertainment Weekly

Remember when Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer danced atop Billy Joel's piano? Well, there was a little liquor involved.

The Hunger Games actress, who was honored as the 2015 Entertainer of the Year by Entertainment Weekly, opened up to the publication with our official new favorite genre of story -- the drunken exploits of Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer.

"The best thing that happened this year was when my friend Amy and I got so drunk that we ended up on the top of Billy Joel's piano," recalled the Oscar winner. "We were on Piano Man's piano."

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Amy is the sh*t, she was invited," Jennifer continued, adding that Amy actually thought about blowing it off, before telling her friend: "Amy, that's crazy!"

"She invited me up on the piano," Jennifer explained, noting that she was a bit reluctant to do so at first. "She was like, 'If you try to leave, then I'll grab onto you, and keep grabbing onto you.'"

"That was really cool, 'cause she didn't have to share that piano with me, and she did," Jennifer said.

And here was the result:

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In August, Jennifer revealed that she and Amy had written a screenplay together, and plan to star as sisters. This was after a girls trip in July that included jet skis and human pyramids.

Jennifer and Amy's fast friendship is even more beautiful when you consider that the 25-year-old actress has more trouble letting people in these days.

Entertainment Weekly

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"People start to feel a lot less guilty when you become bigger or have more money," Jennifer reveals about being taken advantage of as her star rises. "People forget about the personal drain or attack that you feel."

Because of this, Jennifer revealed, "I have a very small circle. The moment I feel like someone is using me or is in it for the wrong reasons, I have zero guilt about just cutting them the f*ck out of my life."

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Meanwhile, Jennifer recently revealed her two most embarrassing stories to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show.

Watch the video below.