The Guy Who Voiced Arnold on 'Hey Arnold' Looks Like a Sexy Lumberjack Now


If you grew up in the ‘90s, you remember Hey Arnold. It was a Nickelodeon classic -- which is probably why it’s being revived as a TV movie! -- about a fourth grader with a football-shaped head who inspired at least one shrine made of used chewing gum.

It was also about Stoop Kid. Never forget Stoop Kid.

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But back to Arnold: the actor who voiced the cartoon way back when is named Lane Toran and, in light of the Hey Arnold movie news, the Internet discovered that Lane Toran is very, very hot now.

Fun fact: Toran also voiced characters on Recess and Rocket Power.

(And he played the surfer in Billboard Dad! You remember Billboard Dad, right? The Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie?! A classic.)

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Toran, now 33, still acts and recently played a character named Bobby in an episode of Nashville. He’s also guest starred on USA’s Satisfaction.

Most importantly: He could definitely inspire a used chewing gum shrine.

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