Basically Every Female Meteorologist Is Wearing the Same Dress and It's Freaky as Hell


What is even happening with dresses anymore?

While "The Dress" is now forever done and lost to Internet lore, there's a new dress rising up to baffle us all. Background: There's a really sick deal on Amazon for a pencil dress that's $22.99. The deal is still up on the website, actually.

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Apparently, a meteorologist shared a link to this sale in a Facebook group for female weather-casters, when they all got on board like a cold front in the Rockies, because as one imgur user pointed out, this happened:


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That is... so many morning weather reports brought to you by the same dress. Why??

Tamron Hall speculated on the Today show as to why the dress has taken hold of the weather-casting world.

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"The dark here," she said, referencing the black waistline of the dress, "that is very flattering on pretty much every body type."

"Also, with the black panels on the side, it gives you a nice little hourglass figure," she continued.

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So, if you want to up your style game, consider going into meteorology and getting in on this Facebook group.

Watch the video below to relive THE "The Dress" and decide if it's allowed to be nostalgic yet.