Katy Perry Shares the Ultimate Awkward Family Photo

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Apparently even Katy Perry has fallen victim to the awkward family photo.

The “Roar” singer shared a hilarious #tbt on Thursday, giving us the ultimate Thanksgiving gift.

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The Instagram post showed Perry in a red dress to match outfits worn by her mom, Mary, and little brother, David, and older sister, Angela, while her dad, Maurice, opted for a black-and-white sweater and ope tie. Even the family dog made an appearance in the shot.

“When ur face is desperate for likes,” she captioned the throwback photo.

Despite her very '90s bowl cut and bangs, Perry is still recognizable by her signature smile.

Perry also gave her social media followers a peek inside her Thanksgiving day celebration, which included starting her night with wine and waist training.

She then spent her actual dinner with family including her grandmother.

“I’m thankful for good [genes] #94andkilling the game,” she wrote on an adorable video of her grandma wishing every a “Happy Thanksgiving.”

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This wasn't her only holiday celebration. Earlier this year, the California girl debuted an ultra glam look in this season's H&M holiday ads -- quite the difference from the seasonal look she sported as a kid!

Always one to find any excuse for a themed-outfit, Perry recently showed off her patriotic side when she helped Hillary Clinton kick off a political rally in Moines, Iowa, last month. See her full look in the video below.

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