Rosie O'Donnell Shares Thanksgiving Throwback Photo of Family: 'Love Is Eternal'


The former co-host of 'The View' shared a #TBT pic of her family, including her estranged daughter, Chelsea.

Rosie O'Donnell took to Twitter on Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving with an emotional throwback pic of her family, including her estranged daughter,Chelsea.

The photo features Rosie and her other children, Blake, Parker, Vivienne and Dakota, standing together at the bottom of a staircase, smiling broadly.

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"Thankful for my family," the 53-year-old comedian wrote alongside the photo. "Love is eternal. #peace."

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Rosie and Chelsea had a falling out earlier this year when the former co-host of The View reported her daughter missing, claiming that she ran away from home. She was later found safe and returned to her adoptive mother's custody.

Chelsea, who turned 18 shortly after the incident, then left Rosie's care to live with her boyfriend and his parents in New Jersey. Chelsea later opened up about her strained relationship with the actress, and spoke with Inside Edition about her feelings for Rosie.

"I care about her, and I hope she's doing well," Chelsea explained, "but love is a big word, and I wouldn't really use that."

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Rosie recently spoke with ET about her daughter's situation, sharing, "I have a daughter who's in a crisis…. Any mother or father who's ever had a child in crisis, they know it's upsetting until your child is once again safely on the shore and not in [the] rapids. Sadly, right now, Chelsea seems to be in the rapids, and her family loves her and misses her."

Check out the video below to hear more from the TV personality about her difficult relationship with her daughter.