Prince Harry Confirms What We've Always Known About William: 'I'm Much Cooler Than My Older Brother'

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This one's for all the little brothers out there.

Being the spare to the heir isn't all bad!

Prince Harry visited a youth center in South Africa on Monday, where the 31-year-old opened up about being Prince William's younger brother.

"Older brothers are supposedly the cool ones," he said via Vanity Fair. "I'm a younger brother but I'm much cooler than my older brother."

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Talk about bro shade! The professor of the class told Harry that they wouldn't tell William what he had said, to which he replied, "He knows it!”

The royal younger brother did get knocked down a peg, however, when none of the students knew who he was! After responding with silence when asked if they knew who was visiting them, Harry responded, "That's the right answer!"

Kensington Palace posted photos of Harry's trip to Instagram, writing, "Some of the boys who are supported by Ottery Youth Centre #CapeTown shared their experiences with Prince Harry today."

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The palace captioned another pic, "Prince Harry joins the coaches in a practical football and life skills sessions on the pitch, including, on the eve of #worldaidsday, a SKILLZ for HIV awareness activity at the Football for Hope Centre."

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We guess you are pretty cool, Prince Harry!

Meanwhile, it seems almost impossible to knock the "cool younger brother" off his high horse, even when he literally falls off of a horse. Watch the prince recover with all his royal charisma intact in the video below.