Matt Damon Faces Off With Jimmy Kimmel Again -- But This Time It's for Charity

Jimmy Kimmel Live

The feud between the actor and late-night host continues.

The feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel continues.

Bono, Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Wilde and Snoop Dogg all made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night to raise money for World AIDS Day, but when Damon wanted to participate, he was left to wait in a dingy dressing room.

Damon gave away an Omaze experience for the Red charity auction that included him returning to JKL with two lucky guests, in hopes that Kimmel might allow him to finally walk onto the late-night stage.

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The actor tried his hardest during this appearance on the show to join Kimmel, but the host instead cut off his microphone. Then, during a charity shopping portion of JKL, Damon posed as "Linda from Sacramento" and called in pretending to take an interest in a mobile phone charger. Kimmel caught on and turned him down yet again.

That's when Damon got rowdy and attempted to run onto the stage, but was held back by security. In the end, the Oscar winner got his revenge by peeing in the gas tank of Kimmel's car -- or as he called it, "making a donation."

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In September, Damon and Kimmel attempted to work out their issues in couples therapy but that resulted in even more arguing. "He promised me, over a decade ago, that I was gonna be able to be a guest on the show," Damon told the pair's therapist. "I come and I wait, every night."

Check out the hilarious exchange: