Is This the Most Depressing Christmas Commercial Ever?


German supermarket EDEKA delivers the plot twist of all plot twists.

The title could have also been “Is This the Most Depressing, Insane, Horrible, Heartbreaking, and Did We Mention Insane Christmas Commercial Ever?” but that would be too long.

Either way, the answer is yes.

The ad is for German supermarket EDEKA and starts with an old man finding out that, once again, his family won’t be visiting him for the holidays. So, he spends Christmas alone.

And then DIES.

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Except when his children return home for, presumably, his funeral, they find out that…PLOT TWIST! He just faked his death!

And grandpa is all, “How else could I have brought you all together?”

And then they have a very Merry Christmas anyway?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!

And this little girl is the only one that’s like, “Hey, anybody remember when grandpa FAKED HIS OWN DEATH and everyone was DISTRAUGHT?”


Watch the full commercial now:

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The Internet is torn about it, with someone saying it’s emoji tears-worthy.

While others think this is not OK. There is nothing about this that’s OK.

Moral of the story: Visit your (grand)parents or they will pretend to die and you will be heartbroken and it will all just be a big LOL? Also, buy groceries from EDEKA.

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