Sting's Daughter Eliot Sumner Reveals Long-Term Relationship With Woman, Rejects Gender Labels

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Sting's 25-year-old daughter, Eliot Sumner, is talking about her sexuality for the first time.

In a new interview with the Evening Standard, Sumner reveals she's been in a relationship with Austrian model Lucie Von Alten for two years, and that the two share an apartment in London. The musician says there was no was no need to come out to her family and friends because "no one ever asked."

"They knew already," Sumner says. "So I didn't need to. I've never come out to anyone. My friends always knew and I always knew."

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Sumner says she doesn't believe in gender labels, instead, choosing to define herself simply as a "musician."

"I don't believe in any specifications," she explains. "I think forever I was trying to figure out maybe … what I am. But I don't think anyone should feel pressured to have any kind of label or tag on them."

"We should treat everybody the same," she adds. "Me, I don't like to be put down to a specific thing. We're all human beings."

Sumner is currently focused on her new album, Information, out next month. She also says she'll be unveiled as the face of a major international fashion brand in January, but is not allowed to say which one yet.

"I think I'll always be in the shadow of my parents," Sumner acknowledges about her father, 64-year-old Sting, and her mother, 61-year-old Trudie Styler. "But that’s OK. Everyone has a challenge. If I'm proud of the music I am making, that's all I can ask for. If I put it out into the world, it's not up to me anymore."

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ET caught up with Sting last month at the Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America in Los Angeles, where he talked about the importance of being inclusive.

"I think it's important for musicians to lead the charge if you like," he said. "We live in a very integrated community as musicians and I think that's a good example for society generally. We want to get rid of the concept of otherness. People are different like we are and it's an illusion. We are all one human family. Whether we're black, whether we're white. Whether we're Christians or Muslims or atheists or republicans, or democrats or liberals or whatever. We are one human family. And the sooner we wake up to that the better, in my opinion."

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In June, actress Susan Sarandon said that she couldn't be more proud of her son, 23-year-old musician/DJ Miles Robbins, who she revealed doesn't always follow strict gender roles. Watch below:

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