Sorry, Beyonce! 19 Reasons Miss Tina Knowles Is the One You Should Follow on Instagram


When's the last time Bey did a photoshoot at Costco?!

We would never tell you to unfollow Beyoncé on Instagram.

That said, we will tell you that Tina Knowles, aka Miss Tina aka the woman who gave birth to Beyoncé, is the one you should be following on Instagram (#NoDisrespectToSolange). Sure, @beyonce -- RIP @baddiebey, we miss you! -- is still our No. 1 source for photos of the back of Blue Ivy’s head and selfies of Beyoncé, but let us upgrade you.

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So maybe she didn’t have one of the Top 10 Most-Liked Instagram Photos of 2015 like Yonce did, but here are 19 reasons that you should double tap Miss Tina ASAP:

1. First of all, because obviously there are pictures of Beyoncé here too:

2. Because Miss Tina knows the true definition of waking up like this:

3. Because Miss Tina always finds her angle:

4. And because Miss Tina always finds her light, even in the hospital:

5. Because where do you think Beyoncé learned how to pose in front of art?

(And where do you think B learned to post a picture even if it’s kind of blurry, but you’re really feeling your look?)

6. Because Miss Tina is a proud mom, but she’s not like a regular mom:

7. And she’s a proud grandma, but she’s not like a regular grandma:

8. But Miss Tina is still relatable. Can’t you imagine your own mother posting this caption as a Facebook status?

9. Or not knowing she's posing for a video, but then posting it anyway?

Because maybe she didn’t know how to switch from video to photo on her phone, or maybe your dad didn’t know he was even filming a video at all?

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10. Because Taylor Swift has NOTHING on Miss Tina’s #SquadGoals:

(Yes, that is Kris Jenner.)

11. Seriously, come for Miss Tina and stay for Debbie:

12. And Lorraine Schwartz is god’s gift to Instagram:

13. If we could follow Lorraine Schwartz, we would:

But we can’t, so we have to get our Lorraine Schwartz fix through Miss Tina.

14. Because Miss Tina ain’t evah afraid to crop someone out, friend or not:

15. And because Miss Tina has the baddest bad bitch captions: “When someone iis trying to sell you on some bulls___t”

16. “What did she just say?”

17. “Thinking should I really say something or just let it slide hmmmmm”

18. But there's really only one reason you need to follow Miss Tina: For the Costco photo shoots.

19. When’s the last time Queen Bey did a photo shoot at Costco, huh?!

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