One Direction Plays Tattoo Roulette on 'Late Late Show' -- Who Got Inked?

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James Corden and Niall Horan were terrified about participating in this game.

James Corden made sure that One Direction had an experience they won't soon forget on The Late Late Show.

In his most daring game yet, the host challenged the British boy band to a game of Tattoo Roulette. Corden and the guys all chose a box and whoever got the word "tattoo" in their box, had to get inked on the show.

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If a One Direction member chose "tattoo," they would get "Late Late" inked somewhere on their body, while Corden agreed to get "1D" tattooed on himself. "We're about to play one of the craziest games we've ever had on our show," the late-night host said nervously. "It's a game that I'm already regretting thinking of."

Corden and Niall Horan, who doesn't have any tattoos, were clearly the most nervous to open their boxes but, lucky for them, they were both safe. "I've never felt more alive," Corden said after learning he would not have to get a tattoo.

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Harry Styles ended up getting the "tattoo" box and had "Late Late" inked on his forearm.

During their chat with Corden, One Direction also revealed their most regrettable tattoos. Louis Tomlinson isn't even sure how many tats he has on his body. "All of mine are pretty stupid anyway," he joked. "I know that."

Style said he didn't have any regrets when it came to his ink. "There were a couple I did myself that aren't very good," he quipped. "I've got a couple stupid ones, but I don't know if I regret them so much."

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For example, Styles wrote "big" on his big toe.

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may not have been able to have so many tattoos had he gotten into the profession he was originally interested in before the fame. "I wanted to be a physiotherapist and then all my teachers told me, 'No jobs in that,'" Styles told ET. "[So] I decided I wanted to be a lawyer."

Styles has done pretty well for himself ..."Late Late" tattoo and all.