Amy Schumer Jokes She Plans on Topping 2015 With a 'Major Weight Gain' Next Year

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Amy Schumer was the belle of the ball at GQ's Men of the Year party on Thursday night, where she told ET how she plans to top her biggest year yet.

In 2015, the comedian starred in her own movie (Trainwreck), hosted the MTV Movie Awards and struck up a friendship with Jennifer Lawrence -- all while continuing to make us laugh on her Comedy Central sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer. Her accomplishments in the past 12 months had us wondering: How she could possibly top 2015?

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"I think I'm just going to plateau and experience a major weight gain and just kind of fade into obscurity," Schumer joked, "but tonight I'm going to enjoy it."

The funny lady seems to be comfortable wherever she is, recently posing nude for the 2016 Pirelli Calendar. The image, taken by Annie Lebovitz, shows the 34-year-old actress seated on a stool in just a pair of lacy underwear and high heels.

"When you take your clothes off, you definitely don't want people to say you're brave," Schumer said, "but I'm really proud of the picture."

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The stars came out for GQ's annual event with A-listers like Bradley Cooper, Jimmy Kimmel and Taraji P. Henson, but everyone’s minds were on the tragic mass shooting in San Bernardino on Wednesday.

"There was a vote today on the Senate called the 'Terror Gap,'" Schumer said. "People on the known terrorist list can legally get guns, and the bill did not pass. It's so heartbreaking."