Ryan Gosling Can't Stop Giggling While Hosting 'Saturday Night Live'

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Hey girl! Ryan Gosling wants you to know what a Canadian Christmas is all a-boot.

While taking the stage for his first-ever Saturday Night Live hosting gig on Dec. 5, everyone's favorite hunky meme proved once again that he's got a great sense of humor -- because he could not stop giggling throughout the show.

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The laughs started early, when Gosling kicked off his monologue by recalling fond memories of growing up in New York -- until he was called out for actually being from Canada.

"It brings back all these great memories of growing up as a kid," he said of the big apple, before an "audience member" pointed out that the 35-year-old actor grew up in Cornwall, Ontario.

"Look, alright. Not everybody's a fan of immigrants right now, you know?" he admitted. "I'm not sure I want to be shouting to from the rafters."

Seconds later, former SNL cast member Mike Myers -- a fellow Canadian who was dressed in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey -- interrupted the monologue to help remind Gosling that not only is Canada great, especially around Christmas time, but it’s more than just "America's hat."

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The actors pointed out highlights of their country including, there hot new prime minister, Degrassi Junior High and Justin Bieber. While Myers was able to keep a straight face while The Good Man of the Snow appeared, Gosling cracked nearly immediately, setting up what would become a theme for the entire episode: non-stop breaking of character.

The one-time Mousketeer surpassed expectations as an amiable host, especially because his guffaws are totally adorable. See the sketches that had us in stiches, below, because he couldn’t keep it together during these either:

Hot Dad Ryan Gosling Plays a Hot Dad

Gosling plays a father who gets aggressively hit on by a 13-year-old, played by Aidy Bryant, during the birthday party he's throwing for his daughter. Watching him awkwardly deny Bryant's sexual advances is pretty hilarious.

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The Funniest Close Encounters Ever

Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong join Gosling as characters sharing their personal stories about being abducted by aliens. The sketch is funny in itself (McKinnon for all the wins!), but Gosling laughing nearly the entire time is what really got us cracking up.

This Hottie is a Hilarious Hometown Hero

When Gosling visits his hometown with a GQ reporter, played by Cecily Strong, secrets from his past come out (you know, like what a great singer he is). But no one, including the actor, could stop laughing as Kyle Mooney's character, Trevor, continuously called the star "crying Ryan" and talked about his parachute pants.

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Here's to hoping Gosling comes back to laugh-host many more times!

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