Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Store Robbed of Over $170K Worth of Stolen Jewelry in New York

The merchandise has had a conscious uncoupling from the store.

Some of Gwyneth Paltrow's merchandise has had a conscious uncoupling from her Goop store in New York City.

The actress' eponymous store for her lifestyle brand, Goop Mrkt, suffered a loss of over $170,000 in stolen merchandise after being robbed on Saturday, the NYPD told ET.

The police are referring to the incident as "a grand larceny not a robbery," adding that "upon arrival it was determined that three males entered the store, one used an unknown object to open a cabinet and removed jewelry from the location and fled the location.”

While not commenting on specific details, a spokesperson for Goop did confirm to ET that a theft took place.

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"There was an isolated incident Saturday afternoon involving a very limited number of items, which was reported to the NYPD," the spokesperson said in a statement. "While the store was crowded during one of our busiest days, thankfully the NYPD responded quickly, our customers and staff are safe, and we remain open for business with proper security precautions in place."

The Oscar winner has used Goop to promote a variety of products, lifestyle choices, and even to announce her separation from Coldplay rocker Chris Martin in 2014, which Paltrow referred to as a "conscious uncoupling."

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"We broke the f**king Internet," Paltrow told Katie Couric last month of her site's handling of her high profile split, which she also referred to as a learning experience. "We did it in an inelegant way and we didn't give it enough content at the time."

"I'm really glad that happened because maybe it brings up there was a better way to do that," the actress added.

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Despite the latest incident, based on Paltrow's past-stated 'all press is good press'-style philosophy, the brand will likely continue business as usual.

"In a media company, it's good when people are talking about your content," she said. "We believe in positivity and promoting."

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