'Top Model' Final Winner Nyle DiMarco Reacts to Historic Win, Opens Up About Dating

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Nyle DiMarco’s America’s Next Top Model win is historic on a few levels. He’s only the show’s second male winner, he’s the first deaf winner -- and he’s the series’ final winner.

“I actually found out I won a few months ago,” DiMarco told ET after his victory. “Then we found out that I was going to be the final winner, I have to say, it kind of redefines the whole aspect of winning … it's such an honor!”

“He's an amazing model,” show creator and host Tyra Banks gushed to ET. “His pictures give me chills. His empathy, when he was dealing with all of these different models in the house, is beautiful. He's beautiful on the inside, he's beautiful on the outside.”

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DiMarco plans to use that inner and outer beauty for good, having already partnered up with The ASL App to make American Sign Language easy to learn for anyone.  

“We just did 150,000 downloads,” DiMarco said. “So, I'm very proud of that app.”

“What he is doing for the deaf community and the hearing community is revolutionary,” Banks noted. “He is now the most famous deaf person in the world!”

Check out more of what Banks had to say about DiMarco in the video below. It turns out he makes her “very uncomfortable,” but in a good way!

Season 22 finished filming before Banks announced she was ending the long-running series in October.

“I tend to like to do things and leave when on top,” Banks told ET last Friday. “When I was a supermodel, I left the runway before it left me, you know?”

Banks said she was surprised at the amount of backlash she got when she announced end of the show’s run, with ANTM hopefuls flooding her social media feeds asking her to change her mind.

“It’s so interesting what’s happening right now,” Banks added. “I’m like, ‘Did I do it too early?’ I don’t know.”

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DiMarco says he’s good with being the show’s last champion, though.

“I would like to be the final winner,” DiMarco said. “But it would be nice to see it come back. Maybe in another venue, or another kind of reincarnation. You know, another approach to the modeling world.”

As for what’s next, DiMarco says he’s focused on his career.

“I'm just kind of trying to figure out which agency I want to sign with,” DiMarco admitted. “Both modeling and acting … and then hopefully working with big companies, whether it's modeling brands or, you know, acting. Maybe TV shows, movies. I want to break more barriers, truly.”

Not on the horizon, though? Dating. Both men and women went wild for DiMarco, and the frenzy only increased when DiMarco said his sexuality was “fluid” on Twitter.

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“Well, right now, I'm single,” DiMarco confessed. “I was in a longterm relationship, for about 10 years on and off, but you know, our paths went different ways. Right now, I'm focusing on my career. I can't really develop a relationship or foster it, so I have to focus on my career first, and then I think I can fall in love down the road.”

Learn more about DiMarco from ET’s September chat with the model in the video below: