Kourtney Kardashian's App Is Finally Here! Find Out Why It's Going to Be 'Different'

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The 36-year-old mother of three says her app won't be like her sisters'.

While fans have been eagerly subscribing to the Kardashian/Jenner personalized lifestyle apps for months now, one sister has notably been left out of the loop. Well, good news Kardashian-philes, Kourtney’s app is finally here!

“Mine is definitely going to be different than my sisters’,” Kourtney, 36, shared in an introductory video on Monday. “I cannot wait to share my life with you.”

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Kourtney’s app, like her sisters’, is free to download, but costs $2.99 monthly for “subscriber content” (read: almost everything). But the digital experience you’ll get from the eldest Kardashian daughter seems like it will be more lifestyle-based than her sisters’. Kourtney promises subscribers an inside look at “things that I’m passionate about” like interior design, cooking, style and beauty.

“I’m a mom of three,” she adds in the video, “so you’re definitely going to get insight into my mom life.”

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Kourtney’s sisters all released their apps back in September, and “momager” Kris Jenner told ET that the delay on Kourtney’s was simply due to real-life scheduling.

"The girls have been working around the clock for a year on their apps and sites, and Kourtney gave birth to Reign in December,” she clarified. “While everyone else was deep in production, she was taking time with her infant, nursing and caring for her children. So, she's a little behind, but, it is going to be fabulous."

Kourtney agrees, tweeting on Sunday that “they saved the best for last.” Can’t wait!

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