Charlie Sheen Accuses Brett Rossi of 'Extortion,' Denies Abortion Claim

The actor filed a petition denying his ex's abuse claims.

Charlie Sheen is in a legal battle of he-said, she-said.

The former Two and a Half Men star, who disclosed he is HIV-positive during a November interview with the Today show, is fighting back against shocking claims made in a lawsuit filed by his ex-fiancee.

Brett Rossi, who was engaged to Sheen for nine months in 2014, is suing the actor for assault, battery, emotional distress, false imprisonment and negligence, alleging when they were together, he was "violent and abusive and uncontrollable" while also misusing drugs and alcohol.

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She also claims that Sheen's HIV diagnosis was one of the reasons he allegedly forced her to get an abortion in March 2014. "He was worried that his child would become HIV-positive," Rossi told ET. "I think he worried more about his secret than anything else."

Sheen's lawyer filed a petition with the courts on Monday vehemently denying such claims. "This is a case by an extortionist, Scottine Ross aka Brett Rossi, who gets paid for sex as a prostitute and a porn star," the document obtained by ET argues. "Since Sheen and Rossi's relationship ended, she has attempted to extort millions of dollars by disclosing Sheen's medical condition even thought she signed a confidentiality agreement."

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"He never kicked, choked, dragged, shook, or struck Rossi, and he never threatened to kill her or forced her to have an abortion, as she wildly alleges," the petition continues, adding that it was Rossi who would "become belligerent and even violent with Sheen when she did not get her way."

The documents also say that Rossi, who is HIV-negative, was "well-aware of Sheen's medical condition," and "insisted" they have unprotected sex "like a normal couple." The petition adds that "Rossi told Sheen that she was taking birth control pills during the entire course of their relationship."

"Rossi is banking on the fact that Sheen will pay her millions of dollars to avoid the negative publicity surrounding this action," the document reads. The petition goes on to allege that because of Rossi's "porn star" profession, she's had "hundreds, if not thousands of sexual partners exposing her to sexually transmitted diseases."

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After the documents were filed, Rossi took to Instagram to share a quote. "People only like to bring up your past when they're threatened by your present," she posted on Tuesday.

A source close to Rossi tells ET "she is looking forward to her day in court where she will display all of her evidence that she has spoken the truth."

"He knows the truth and he can't hide from it any longer," the source adds. "This suit has nothing to do with his condition, it has to do with his abuse he inflicted repeatedly upon her."

Earlier this month, Rossi told ET that she was "scared of Charlie" and "scared of the backlash" after filing the lawsuit.

"I know he doesn't miss me. I know he doesn't regret anything and I know he blames it on me,” Rossi told ET of the father-of-five. “Most of all, I miss his kids, because his kids were my kids.”

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