Winona Ryder Is Flattered to Be the Stunning Face of Marc Jacobs Beauty Campaign

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At 44 years old, the actress shows no signs of aging in the designer's new ad.

At 44 years old, Winona Ryder shows no signs of aging,
practically looking the same as she did nearly 25 years ago.

The actress -- who has made a welcome return with lauded performances in The Experimenter and HBO’s
Show Me a Hero -- puts her eternal
appeal on display as the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty.

On Tuesday, the designer “leaked” the first image (below) from the
2016 campaign featuring “the stunningly beautiful and extraordinarily talented”
actress, who is styled to look like Delphine Seyrig from the film, Last Year at Marienbad.

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“Marc is a friend of mine and I love the way he pays homage
to the past and different eras without stealing and swiping,” Ryder told
ETonline in October about her ongoing collaboration with the designer. She also
appeared in his 2015 Spring campaign, which also starred Cher and Willow Smith.
“It’s totally flattering [to appear in his campaigns].”

Her comments -- said without irony -- come 14 years after
she was arrested on Dec. 12, 2001 for shoplifting $5,500 worth of designer
clothes and accessories, including a Marc Jacobs sweater, from a Saks Fifth
Avenue department store. 

Marc Jacobs

The designer, however, remains a fan and friend of the Beetlejuice actress, explaining only she
could pull off his homage to the 1961 movie. “The force of the surreal calm,
and painstaking fetishistic polish of this film and its heroine are truly 'ON
FLEEK' and continues to inspire me to date,” he writes on Instagram. “No one I
know could exude the adjectives I've listed as perfectly as Winona does.”

While she’s a perfect example of an ageless beauty, the
characterization is met with some chagrin. “I did the campaign for Marc [Jacobs
Beauty] and it was weird, because I was like, ‘Oh God, this is going to do the
ageless thing again,’” Ryder said.

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“It’s such a double-edged sword, because, it’s like, I want
to be allowed to grow up,” Ryder continued, blaming the current state of
nostalgia on social media, which has resurfaced younger pictures of her. “How
do you win? If I don’t look ageless, I look haggard. Or if I look normal or
whatever, then they’ll talk about how bad I look.”

Well, she certain doesn’t have to worry -- there's not a single
flaw for people to latch onto here.