The 13 Best Celebrity Dance Moments of 2015: The Rock, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez and More!

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Sometimes you just gotta shake what your momma gave ya.

From the expertly choreographed (we're lookin' at you, Jennifer Lopez) to the most awkward of dad moves (even Tom Brady has his flaws), celebrities showed off some pretty incredible dance moves over the course of the last year. Now, we're looking back at 13 of the most memorable moments from 2015.

Kristen Wiig Swings From Sia's 'Chandelier'

The Saturday Night Live alum surprised at the GRAMMYs with a performance choreographed to perfection alongside Dance Moms star -- and frequent Sia collaborator -- Maddie Ziegler. Fans had no idea that Sia had tapped Wiig to join her onstage, prompting a general reaction that went a little something like this: "Is that Kristen Wiig?" "I think that's Kristen Wiig." "What is happening?" "...This is actually pretty good." 

Robert Pattinson Goes Hard at Coachella

The notoriously private actor had a very public moment with then-girlfriend (now-fiancee) FKA Twigs, thanks to some stealth stalking from fellow festival-goers. During Drake's set at the Indio, California, fest, R-Patz awkwardly danced along in the crowd. But hey, at least he committed! If there's one thing sacred in the world of live music, it's the right of each and every fan to dance poorly in the audience. Sway on, Rob! 

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj Are Feelin' Themselves

Elsewhere at Coachella, this dynamic duo filmed the video for "Feeling Myself" in secret – and then gave us 14 very good reasons to subscribe to Tidal with the release. Queen Bey and Queen of the Barbz had a dance party for two, chowed on burgers and gazed lovingly into each others' eyes in the video -- giving us all serious squad envy.

Tom Brady Has No Rhythm. None.

The legendary quarterback showed his human side -- in the most amazing way ever -- dancing like any self-respecting dad trying to embarrass his kids would. (Except, his kids weren't there. Brady just has no moves.) The 38-year-old grooved hilariously to Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" at the Patriots' Super Bowl ring ceremony, and appeared to work up quite the sweat while doing so. But just when we were starting to feel good about ourselves, ("Hey, at least I'm a better dancer than Tom Brady!") out came the overly-confident fist bumps -- blinged out with four Super Bowl rings. (Way to put us back in our place, Tom.)

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer Are 'Uptown Girls'

Hollywood's new favorite BFFs took Chicago by storm over the summer, kicking off their shoes and jumping around on the Piano Man's piano at a Billy Joel concert in Chicago. (And, yes, Lawrence later confirmed that alcohol played a role in their performance. Based on Schumer's Instagram posts that night -- we believe it.)

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Channel Beyonce

The longtime pals couldn't help themselves when Beyonce's "Single Ladies" came over the loudspeaker at the U.S. Open (but, to be fair, no one can help themselves when that song comes on). Timberlake had us in stitches with a quick, impromptu recreation of his legendary Saturday Night Live sketch -- before Fallon killed the mood with his very real finger stitches.

Bindi Irwin's Epic, Mirrorball-Winning Journey

Who knew the teenage daughter of the Crocodile Hunter was such a great dancer?! Irwin became an instant fan-favorite on the 21st season of Dancing With the Stars and ultimately brought the audience to tears with her incredible finale performance, a tribute to her late father.

Emma Stone Is the 'Lady in White'

The actress showed off some serious dance skills in the "Anna" music video, from Arcade Fire's Will Butler. Filmed on the Queen Mary ship that's believed to be haunted in Long Beach, California, Stone's character is a play on the ship's "Lady in White" ghost story. (And it's incredible.)

The Rock Hits the Quan

In one of the best, hands down, celebrity dance moments of 2015 – Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson delivers a flawless rendition of iLoveMemphis' "Hit the Quan" in what he describes as "post cardio bliss." We didn't even do the cardio, but we're still feeling pretty blissful just watching him on a loop.

Drake Trolls Us All With 'Hotline Bling'

Even Drake couldn't hold back from the catchy beat on his latest single, "Hotline Bling," dancing like nobody's watching in the completely re-watchable music video. If anyone could take "The Carlton" and make it sexy -- it's Drake.

We Fully Accept Justin Bieber's Apology

The Biebs didn't even appear on screen, but we were absolutely mesmerized by all three minutes and 25 seconds of his colorful "Sorry" video. Not to mention, it's actually scientifically impossible not to dance along in your chair while watching.

It's Britney (and Jane), B**ch!

Brit Brit checked into the Marbella for a guest appearance on Jane the Virgin, gifting us with an encore of her iconic "Toxic" moves -- this time, with Gina Rodriguez!

Jennifer Lopez Puts Everyone to Shame

We certainly didn't see that one coming! Rather than focus on her own music, J.Lo stunned with a high-octane routine to the year's biggest hits during her hosting gig at the American Music Awards. In a word: stunning!

There were so many more fun dance moments this year -- which was your favorite?! Hit the comments with your picks.