Nicki Minaj Insists She's Not Engaged to Meek Mill

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Nicki Minaj is setting those engagement rumors straight!

The "Anaconda" rapper caused quite a stir among her Barbz on social media Wednesday night after posting photos of a massive diamond ring on her left hand, leaving many to believe her 28-year-old boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill, had popped the question.

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In a new interview with Billboard, Minaj, who turned 33 on Tuesday, says the two are not tying the knot any time soon -- the bling is just a birthday present.

"He and I are not engaged," she confirmed. "But he said he would like to give me three rings before we get married."

"My birthday's coming up, and he better get the new one, because he got [the first one] for my last birthday," she told the magazine on Nov. 23, when the interview was conducted. "So let's see what happens." Looks like Minaj got her wish, and now she's really got something all the girls want!

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As Minaj noted, this is the second rock Meek has gifted her with this year. The first one -- a massive yellow heart-shaped ring -- also caused a freak-out between the couple's fans in April.

If these extravagant rings are just presents, we can only imagine what the real engagement bling will look like!

Minaj admitted that being in a high-profile relationship isn't an easy feat, but she doesn't feel the need to rush into marriage. "I don't know what's going to happen with he and I. I just know right now we are really, really enjoying each other's company," she explained. "So, shout out to everybody in the world that's just trying to find love or be happy. Everybody should have someone to hold at night. It really, really changes your energy. I find that my energy is very different afterward -- if I'm in the bed with him, just hugging him all day. It's just, like, something about love. You transfer it. It's infectious."

Aside from all the romantic chatter, Minaj fearlessly expressed some of her political views in the revealing interview.

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"I support Hillary Clinton as woman," she said. "Am I convinced that she should be the next president? I still want to be open-minded about everyone."

"Obviously, I identify with her struggles as a woman. I identify with the fact that when she's in that room and there are nothing but men there -- there's sometimes something in her that must feel intimidated. But I think that she uses that and turns it into a strength," she added. "Because that's what I've always done. And so I love her for sticking it out. She has gone through horrifying things, even within her marriage. She has been brave and weathered the storm. And continued being a boss. That's something that every woman should feel inspired by, no matter if you're voting for her or not."

When asked about Donald Trump, however, the blunt singer couldn't keep herself from laughing.

"There are points he has made that may not have been so horrible if his approach wasn't so childish," she said. "But in terms of entertainment -- I think he's hilarious. I wish they could just film him running for president. That's the ultimate reality show." [Billboard noted that their interview with Minaj was conducted prior to Trump's comments on Dec. 7 about halting immigration by Muslims into the United States.]

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Meek has made some public comments on the presidential candidate as well. Earlier this week, he shared a photo of Trump on Instagram, writing, "This can't be real…"

Back in May, Meek opened up about dating Minaj in an interview with Fader, saying, "It ain't really time to get married yet. We're still learning each other, feeling each other out." Watch the video below to hear more.

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