Michelle Obama Just Dropped a Fire Rap Video About Going to College

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You think if Donald Trump is elected president that Melania is going to make rap videos for us?! Not a chance, people!

Thankfully, our current first lady, Michelle Obama, did drop a fire track today. It’s a collabo with College Humor and Jay Pharoah (aka Saturday Night Live's resident Barack Obama impersonator) encouraging kids to go to college, but, honestly, just watch it. It’s dope.

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We’re not sure what the best part is, how committed she is to her flow:

Or when she raps next to an ADORABLE photo of her college graduation:

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Naturally, the FLOTUS can’t spit rhymes without inspiring a meme, and that meme in this case is #FlotusBars, which has Mrs. Obama freestyling lyrics to popular rap tracks:

Give us the mixtape, Michelle!

Anyway, now find out how Hollywood has turned against Donald Trump:

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