Patrick Stewart, 75, Celebrates Golden Globe Nomination With Shirtless Pic

Is that the fountain of youth behind him?

Sir Patrick Stewart must be standing in front of the fountain of youth in his recent Instagram photo.

The 75-year-old actor looked half his age in a photo of himself shirtless with a tropical drink in hand. The buff beach pic was in celebration of the Golden Globe nomination he received on Thursday for his role in Blunt Talk.

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"Dear #HFPA," he wrote. "I am so overjoyed by my @goldenglobes nomination I decided to coordinate my look today. #aquasocks."

During his Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) in August, Stewart revealed some of his secret to having a youthful life.

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"Well, the great man Sigmund Freud said the most important things for a happy and long life were love and work and I've had a cornucopia of both," he boasted.

While on The Colbert Report in 2014, Stewart also shared that "clean living and clean thinking" was how he stayed looking so young. "It keeps my skin, my flesh, toned and clean," he said of his lifestyle. 

The former Star Trek: Next Generation star is certainly keeping up with the youngsters in Hollywood. ET got the acclaimed actor to do a reading of one of Taylor Swift's songs and he nailed it. Check it out: